forward-n-rewind asked:
I actually have a full blown crush on dylan, is this bad? hahahahhaha

maybe…but who cares? :D

Anonymous asked:
I Miss aiden and Ethan, we haven't seen Ethan since, I want issac back!!

I miss Isaac so much!!

Anonymous asked:
I think I'm in love with Dylan, i watched Maze Runner this weekend and Now I can't stop thinking about him... I think I need help

can’t blame you, he’s super cute

Anonymous asked:
Stydia, Stalia or Sterek? I like Sterek, but I'm not obssess with it, and at first I like the idea of Stydia, too, but Lydia is more like a good friend for Stiles (in my opinion) and I think, right now, that Malia and Stiles are so cute together! She really care

I ship Stalia :) I agree with everything you said

Anonymous asked:
i like Malia and all the new cast but I miss the old cast so much like I'd trade all the new people for Isaac and Allison back you know?

I totally agree…I also miss Jackson

dannemorra asked:
Dylan looks so hot in the maze runner omfg


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